Elizabeth Fry 1817 Elizabeth Fry
Angel of the prisons
1819 Thomas Chalmers
`To help the poor to help themselves`
Jean Henri Dunant 1863 Jean Henri Dunant
The birth of the Red Cross & Red Cresent
Octavia Hill 1864 Octavia Hill
Social housing and home visits
Arnold Toynbee (1852-1881) 1884 Arnold Toynbee
University Settlement
Jane Addams (1860-1935) 1889 Jane Addams
Settlement work in North America
Joseph Rowntree (1836-1925) 1899 Joseph Rowntree
A dynasty of philanthropy and research on social problems
Mary Ellen Richmond (1861-1928) 1917 Mary Ellen Richmond
The founding mother of social casework
Alice Salomon 1929 Alice Salomon
Internationalisation of social work education
cover Down and out in Paris and London 1933 Orwell, Griffin and others
The (in)humanity behind statistics
1933 Frances Perkins
Social work by proxy of social policy
Bertha Reynolds 1934 Bertha Reynolds
Cartoon symbolising self help 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous
The emergence of self help groups
Alice in Wonderland with dodo by John Tenniel 1936 The dodo-bird and social work
What matters? Interventions or common factors?
sir William Henry Beveridge, the architect of the welfare state 1942 William Henry Beveridge
The architect of the welfare state
Saul Alinsky 1946 Saul Alinsky
the founding father of community organizing
Dame Eileen Younghusband around 1930s 1947 Eileen Younghusband
The importance of high standards for social work education
Carl Rogers 1951 Carl Rogers
The importance of empathy
Jane Jacobs 1961 Jane Jacobs
Urban visionary
Erving Goffman 1961 Erving Goffman
Total institutions
John van Hengel 1967 John van Hengel & food banks
philanthrophy for the hungry
1969 Sherry Arnstein
Ladder of participation
1969 Michael Lipsky
Street level bureaucrats and discretionary power
Paulo Freire 1970 Paulo Freire
Pedagogy of the oppressed
a man scratching his head, symbolising doubt 1973 Joel Fischer
The father of professional scepticism
logo of a wheelchair, accessibility 1975 Fundamental Principles of Disability
A paradigm shift towards a social model
cover radical social work 1975 1975 Radical social work
Refocusing social work, seeing more than the individual
Ann Hartman 1978 Ann Hartman
Family therapy, ecomaps and genograms
Charles Murray 1984 Charles Murray
A critique on social work and the welfare state
cover first issue Computers in Human Services 1985 social work and computers
Robert Putnam 1995 Robert Putnam
Social capital as an active ingredient of social welfare
Theodore Dalrymple 2001 Theodore Dalrymple
How the welfare state maintains the underclass
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