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Question 1:What was Mary Richmond`s contribution to social work?
Ecograms/ecomaps and genograms
Settlement work
Pedagogy of the oppressed
Social casework
Question 2:Which of the following problems was not included in William Beveridge`s five giants?
avoid squalor
ethnic diversity
Question 3:In which city did Octavia Hill work
Question 4:What was the basis for Octavia Hill`s social work?
Question 5:What are university extensions?
social work departments in universities
an outreaching type of learning, from university to poverty
a 19th century initiative to extend traditional sociology into social work
an add-on to a social work diploma
Question 6:Why is Arnold Toynbee important in the history of social work?
Because he is the father of Polly Toynbee.
Because he established the first school of social work.
Because he invented ecomaps/genograms.
Because he established the university extenstion.
Question 7:Who launched settlement work in the US at the end of the 19th century?
Jane Jacobs
Jane Addams
Mary Richmond
Ann Hartman
Question 8:Who was Jane Jacobs strongest opponent during her time in New York?
Joel Fisher
William Beveridge
Thomas Chalmers
Robert Moses
Question 9:Jane Jacobs is important to social work. What was her major contribution?
She wrote a manual on outreaching social work.
She developed social casework.
She laid the groundwork for the welfare state.
She was an innovative thinker about cities and community development.
Question 10:Who was `angel of the prisons`?
Jane Jacobs
Elisabeth Fry
Mary Richmond
Octavia Hill
Question 11:Whose picture is on the UK`s five pound note?
Angelina Jolie
Mary Richmond
Octavia Hill
Elisabeth Fry
Question 12:What was Sherry Arnstein`s contribution to social work?
The first explicit description of social casework
her plea to include a client`s social network in care
her ladder of participation
her involvment in the settlement houses
Question 13:How many rungs of the 8 rungs of the ladder of social participation are about substantial citizen participation?
Question 14:What was the key concept Paulo Freire introduced?
Ladder of participation
Eyes on the street
Social casework
Question 15:What was the famous expression of Thomas Chalmer?
Everybody according to his needs, and according to his capabilities.
Help without alms
A rising tide lifts all boats
To help the poor to help themselves
Question 16:What was the contribution of Carl Rogers to social work?
Client centered therapy
Family centered therapy
Social casework
Question 17:Who could be named as the father of client centered therapy?
William Beverigde
Jane Jacobs
Mary Richmond
Carl Rogers
Question 18:In Carl Rogers` client centered therapy, the therapist needs to have three core attitudes. These are:
be sincere, have unconditional positive regard for the person and be honest.
be congruent, accept the person as is and be honest.
be congruent, have unconditional positive regard for the person and show empathic understanding.
be sincere, accept the person as is and show empathic understanding.
Question 19:When did self help start, with the first Alcoholics Anonymous group?
Question 20:Which printed media made Alcoholics Anonymous famous across the world?
New York Times
Reader`s Digest
The Guardian
Herald Tribune