It is our aim to provide an overview here of the most relevant publications on the history of social work.

Review copies of new publications can be send to Prof. Jan Steyaert, University of Antwerp, Master of Social Work, Sint Jacobsstraat 2, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

Below are all publications we think are relevant for social work`s history. Click here for an overview of the ten most recent publications.
Overview all publications

Olive Stevenson
Reflections on a life in social work (2013)
a personal & professional memoir

Burnham, David
The social worker speaks (2012)
A history of social workers through the twentieth century

Rogowski, Steve
Social work (2010)
the rise and fall of a profession?

Payne, C.
Asylum (2009)
Inside the closed world of state mental hospitals

Fraser, D.
The evolution of the British welfare state, (2009)
a history of social policy since the industrial revolution (4 ed.).

Jansson, B. S.
The reluctant welfare state (2008)
engaging history to advance social work practice in contemporary society

Axinn, J., & Stern, M. J.
Social welfare (2007)
a history of the American response to need

Timmins, N.
The five giants (1996)
a biography of the welfare state

Barker, P. (Ed.)
The founders of the welfare state (1984)